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Numerical Methods for Interpolation and Nonlinear Equations for Engineering Undergraduates

Autar Kaw
Organization: University of South Florida
Department: Mechanical Engineering
URL: http://www.eng.usf.edu/~kaw
Nathan Collier
Jai Paul
Michael Keteltas
Education level


Notebooks and supporting texts available at site:


This courseware teaches numerical methods for interpolation and nonlinear equations to engineering undergraduates. It is dedicated to reaching a large audience of undergraduates through its holistic but customized approach.

Holistically, the resources review background information; present numerical methods through notes, presentations, simulations and assessments; show how what they learned is applied in real life; tell stories to illustrate special topics and pitfalls; and give historical perspectives.

From a customized perspective, the user can choose a major of choice - Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, General, Industrial or Mechanical Engineering. Mathematica is one of the mathematical packages used to illustrate algorithms, convergence and pitfalls of the numerical methods.

All the simulations in the courseware are done in Mathematica.

*Applied Mathematics > Numerical Methods
*Arts and Humanities > History and Philosophy of Mathematics
*Education > College
*Engineering > Chemical Engineering
*Engineering > Electrical Engineering
*Engineering > Mechanical and Structural Engineering
*Science > Physics > Mechanics

Newton's Divided Difference Method of Interepolation, Direct Method of Interpolation, Spline Interpolation, Lagrangian interpolation, Newton, Lagrange, Runge, Extrapolation Pitfall, Higher Order Interpolation is a Bad Idea, Comparing Spline and Polynomial Interpolation, Newton-Raphson Method, Bisection Method, Secant Method, Raphson, Cubic Equations, Pitfalls of Newton-Raphson Method, Pitfalls of Secant Method