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Complex Analysis

John H. Mathews
Organization: California State University Fullerton
Department: Mathematics
URL: http://mathfaculty.fullerton.edu/mathews/
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The objectives are to teach a standard undergraduate course in the area of complex analysis.

All chapters and sections in the textbook have corresponding Mathematica notebooks which illustrate the concepts and examples in the text.

COMPLEX ANALYSIS: Mathematica 4.1 Notebooks COMPLEX ANALYSIS: for Mathematics and Engineering, 4th Edition, 2001, ISBN: 0-7637-1425-9 Jones & Bartlett Publishers, Inc. 40 Tall Pine Drive, Sudbury, MA 01776 Tele. (800) 832-0034, FAX: (508) 443-8000 E-mail: mkt@jbpub.com Internet: http://www.jbpub.com/

John H. Mathews, mathews@fullerton.edu
Russell W. Howell, howell@westmont.edu

This course is intended for undergraduate students in mathematics, physics and engineering. It strikes a balance between the pure and applied aspects of complex analysis. Concepts are presented in a clear writing style that is understandable to students at the junior or senior undergraduate level. A wealth of exercises that vary in both difficulty and substance gives the text flexibility. Sufficient applications are included to illustrate how complex analysis is used in science and engineering. The use of Mathematica's computer graphics gives insight for understanding that complex analysis is a computational tool of practical value. Projects for undergraduates doing library research are suggested throughout the text and Mathematica notebooks.

The Mathematica notebooks make the course come alive and illustrate that complex numbers are the foundation of modern computer algebra systems such as Mathematica.

Detailed information on topics covered can be found at the course website.

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