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Sarah Otto
Organization: University of British Columbia
Department: Department of Zoology
Education level


Part A: Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Mathematica Basics
Part B: Models in One Variable
  • Discrete-time Formulations
  • Continuous-time Formulations
  • Preliminary Analyses
  • Analysing Linear Models in One-Variable
  • Analysing Non-Linear Models in One-Variable
Part C: Models in More than One Variable
  • Formulating the Models
  • Analysing Linear Models in More than One Variable
  • Analysing Non-Linear Models in More than One Variable
Part D: Probabilistic Models
  • Introduction to Probability Theory
  • Discrete probability distributions
  • Continuous probability distributions

Highly Recommended Textbook: Population Biology by Hastings (1997)

Lecture notes: Available on the web (see Location URL)

Additional References: Theory of Population Genetics and Evolutionary Ecology by Roughgarden (1996) Theoretical Evolutionary Ecology by Bulmer (1994) Mathematical Models in Biology by Edelstein-Keshet (1988)

The lectures cover basic mathematical models used in ecology and evolutionary biology. Topics include models of population growth, species interactions, demography, natural selection, and disease dynamics. The computer labs will focus on learning to use mathematical software packages that aid in the solution of models of interest in biology. All students will be required to do weekly readings and homework assignments. In addition, there will be weekly computer labs, where you will learn to use the software package Mathematica to help analyse models.

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