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Physical Chemistry

Michelle M. Francl
Organization: Bryn Mawr College
Department: Department of Chemistry
Education level


This is a junior level course aimed at chemistry majors. The course provides a broad overview of the field of physical chemistry. Students develop facility with the mathematical and laboratory skills necessary to work in the field.

Available online

The traditional lecture format for this course has been revised to include a mix of lecture and active student participation. Short and long Mathematica exercises have been developed which serve to both illustrate principles and to let students solve more substantial (and hopefully interesting!) problems. Approximately half the lecture hours have been replaced with such exercises.

The integration of the Mathematica material into the course has been very successful. I can challenge my best students by providing additional questions, but also help the weaker students progress. The ability to move seamlessly between lecture and the active participation of students is the key to this course.

  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics

*Science > Chemistry
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