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Graphics Packages for High School Teachers

Hidekazu Takahashi
Organization: Kawase High School
Department: Mathematics
Education level


To provide a set of Mathematica packages to teachers, so they can create materials suitable for their students and curriculum

In Japanese high schools, the number of math teachers using Mathematica is increasing these days. Especially, the computer graphics using Mathematica is a very effective means to demonstrate 3D figures which have been difficult for students to visualize in ordinary classes with blackboard and chalk. And now we can make effective course material using Mathematica's abundant graphics functions, animation functions and good graphics packages like the 3DExplorer by Conix Enterprises. But our most important focus when preparing the teaching material is whether the material is suitable for our students. In reality, it is difficult to find commercially available courseware which can accomodate different skill sets, because the levels of students and teaching curriculums are very different in each school. So there is a need to create our own materials without utilizing existing ones. For these reasons, I provide some packages on my homepage which teachers can base on when making coursware materials with Mathematica. Actually some high school teachers have been using my packages in Japan. In order to make Mathematica more popular among junior and high schools, I think it is important to provide many useful packages for teachers. Today I am going to show some graphics packages I have written for teachers.

  • 3D graphics (viewing cross sections, volume occupied by rotating polygons)
  • 2D graphics (rotating polygons)

*Mathematics > Geometry > Solid Geometry
*Wolfram Technology > Programming > 2D Graphics
*Wolfram Technology > Programming > 3D Graphics