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Nonlinear Finite Element Methods

Carlos A. Felippa
Organization: University of Colorado at Boulder
Department: Aerospace Engineering Sciences
Education level


Emphasizes treatment of geometric nonlinearities, applications to assessment of structural stability, nonlinear solution techniques, and basic computer implementation issues.

All course material online.

A technical-elective advanced graduate course on the numerical solution of nonlinear structural problems by finite element methods.

This advanced course has been taught 5 times, every 2-3 years, since 1987. Web based since 1995. Computer part gradually converted from Fortran to Mathematica beginning 1996. Enrollment typically 15-25. Strongly positive feedback on Web use. Mixed reviews on switch to Mathematica, centered on limited availability.

Course is divided into 5 parts, collectively covering a total of thirty-six 75-min lectures:
  • Overview
  • Formulation of Nonlinear Structural Problems
  • Solution of Nonlinear Equations
  • Structural Stability Analysis
  • Computer Implementation of Nonlinear FEM

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