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Interactive Mathematics for Teachers

David Fowler
Organization: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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Interactive Mathematics for Teachers is a web-based course on the uses of a computer algebra system for learning and doing mathematics. Students enrolled in the course will: • Learn the basics of Mathematica syntax and notebook construction • Apply Mathematica to the design of classroom materials • Explore the use of Mathematica as an online tool for teaching Mathematics • Critique and extend selected notebooks from the series THE FRACTAL DIMENSION OF THE BLUES

The primary source for this course is the beta version of THE FRACTAL DIMENSION OF THE BLUES, a CD-ROM being developed by the instructor.

This course is being offered in an on-line seminar format. Students complete work as Mathematica notebooks and send these as MIME attachments to the instructor, who converts these to HTML format and displays them on a common web site. Students then participate in group email discussions and individual discussions with the instructor.

In addition to creating Mathematica versions of materials already in use in their classrooms, teachers enrolled in this course select units from the following set of notebooks:

• Newspaper Numbers. Estimation and calculation with large numbers using Mathematica • A Rock and Roll Timeline Constructing a program for visualizing data with Mathematica • BBSim. A simulation of basketball scoring using Mathematica • The Cardioid in the Coffee Cup. Three-dimensional trigonometry with Mathematica • Phase Four. Exploring AHSME problems with Mathematica • Chaos With a Heart. Part I: z2 on the Unit Circle • Chaos With a Heart. Part II: Finding the equation for the cardioid with parametric plotting • Your Brain on Mathematica. Exploring EEG wave patterns with Mathematica. • The Dragon's Eye and the Architect's Window. Looking at visual complexity with Mathematica • Smiling Faces. Introduction to cellular automata patterns with Mathematica • Rule 90 Meets the Spiral. Exploring logarithmic spirals in three dimensions • A New Way of Listening to Sea Shells. Exploring connections between nature and music with Mathematica • The Fractal Dimension of the Blues. Exploring musical complexity with Mathematica • Surfing the Cantor Set. Exploring Cantor set dynamics with Mathematica • Genetically Seeking Sparse Rulers. An introduction to genetic algorithms

*Applied Mathematics > Visualization
*Mathematics > Foundations of Mathematics > Set Theory
*Mathematics > Recreational Mathematics

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