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Valuation Navigator™ and the Emergence of Real Estate Valuation 3.0

Shashi Rivankar
Organization: ValueScape Analytics, Inc

Wolfram Technology Conference 2015
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois USA

Value Scape® is an innovative real estate analytics provider that leverages cloud computing, mobile applications, and advanced real estate valuation analytics to power applications that provide greater credibility and transparency in real estate valuation. Value Scape’s® flagship offering is Valuation Navigator™, an iPad-deployed app that leverages the computational power of Value Scape’s® cloud-computing environment. Valuation Navigator™ cuts the appraisal process in half, enabling appraisers to have a greater understanding of the market and its dynamics to complete a valuation analysis on any property from a mobile device. The app uses Mathematica for analytics that include statistical analysis, regression analysis, generating graphics for Heat Map, compare market characteristics, subject vs. market comparison, market trend charts, etc. There is a tight and seamless integration between Valuation Navigator™, Value Scape’s Cloud and Mathematica, with the cloud being responsible for queuing the requests coming from Valuation Navigator™ and feeding to Mathematica, and returning results back to Valuation Navigator™. Value Scape’s presentation will feature how the visualization and interaction of Valuation Navigator™ and Mathematica, the use of Mathematica in Value Scape’s cloud computing environment, and a careful user-friendly design have all created a mobile application that has been named as a “game-changing technology” by recognized professionals in the industry such as Jordan Petkovski , VP and Chief Appraiser at TSI Appraisal, a Quicken Loans Company.

*Applied Mathematics > Information Theory
*Information Science and Technology

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