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Interesting Wolfram Technical Services Projects

Anshu Manik

Wolfram Technology Conference 2015
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois USA

Some interesting projects which were taken up and completed by Wolfram Technical Services last year will be demonstrated and discussed. Mathematica 10 arrived with Programmable Linguistic Interface (PLI) which has made it possible for Wolfram Language users to develop their own Wolfram Alpha-like interface to be able to search and query on their own numeric, categorical or text data using natural language query. Some examples to this effect will be presented. Second category of projects to be demonstrated will include server-client types of applications which can be deployed using Private/Wolfram Cloud, webMathematica or Enterprise CDF. The session will conclude with discussion about how participants can get involved with technical services as consultants or clients.

*Applied Mathematics > Information Theory
*Information Science and Technology
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