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Computer-Based Maths Education: An Update

Conrad Wolfram
Organization: Wolfram Research Europe

Wolfram Technology Conference 2015
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois USA

Conrad Wolfram will give a brief special video address to bring you the latest exciting new developments from computerbasedmath.org–the project to fundamentally reform maths education so it matches the real-world needs.

As high-powered computing and automation transforms our problem-solving capabilities and keeps expanding our powerful toolset, education too must step-up to the next level or squander much of the benefit. Yet the chasm between what’s needed and what happens in schools today is growing ever wider.

Computerbasedmath.org, founded by Conrad Wolfram in 2010, is pioneering a crucial shift in approach to the historic math pedagogy. With pilot projects worldwide, and an ever-expanding curriculum being developed, CBM together with policymakers and governments is driving this much-needed change.

Wolfram is the world’s “math company” so your connection to the Wolfram technology community puts you in a pivotal position to be involved in this fundamental shift. Change is happening: be a part of it!