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Devising a Computer-Based Math Lesson – from Inception to Development

Robert Cook
Organization: WREL

Wolfram Technology Conference 2015
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois USA

Human beings are not calculators; they are terrible at repetitive tasks – people become depressed, lose focus, or simply give up if asked to carry out the same, menial task time and time again. This is the key problem to traditional mathematics education. A core concept of CBM is to teach maths using the tools and approaches applied in practical situations, to create a context for the “why” of mathematics alongside the traditional “how”. But, how do we achieve this? How do we convert a subject like math, largely seen as an abstract concept, into an interesting, engaging, contextualised curriculum? This talk aims to give an insight into the process for devising, and designing Computer Based Maths lessons. It will cover several golden rules for designing a lesson, and the occasions when these rules were made to be broken.

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