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Discovering and Using Wolfram Language Kernels

Roman Maeder
Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.
Department: Kernel Technology

Wolfram Technology Conference 2015
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois USA

The Kernel Connection Manager is a system for finding, configuring, and launching Wolfram Language kernels in any network and cloud environment and for performing computations with these kernels. It allows working with local and remote kernels for parallel computing and controlling individual devices, scheduling tasks, and reading sensors.

The Kernel Connection Manager consists of a wide range of kernel launchers that implement different ways to discover and connect to kernels on the network and in the cloud. There are launchers that allow initiating connections to devices and launch kernels on remote computers and HPC clusters, and those that allow the passive discovery of available resources that use the Wolfram Launch Service.

The Wolfram Launch Service is an optional component of a kernel installation that can make available kernels easily discoverable by the Kernel Connection Manager, without requiring any configuration (much like finding available printers or media devices on the network).

*Wolfram Technology
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