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New Scalar Force from Transformation of Planck's Black Body Law

Thomas Kakovitch
Organization: University of the District of Columbia

Wolfram Technology Conference 2015
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois USA

Black body radiation laws, which are part of the quantum field, may be able to converge with the concept of the parallel displacement of directional vector in the Riemannian space which is the base of the principle of the general relativity. Shortly after the event of the big bang, during the radiation dominated era and prior to the existence of matter or charge, small but finite regions of space were permeated with a scalar temperature field. As temperature decreased, space expanded. The four fundamental forces in nature, strong nucleic, electro-weak, and gravity depend either on charge or matter. It is conceivable that the four fundamental forces are the components of an original invariant scalar force field belonging to Planck’s black body radiation family. This approach to proving that a scalar invariant force may exist is to transform Planck’s radiation law into a single, scalar field variable. Temperature is a scalar field. One must be able to integrate over all frequencies and wavelengths of Planck’s radiation law, and transform the radiation law into a solely temperature dependent function.The scalar field equation shows that there is a relationship between Riemannian space; black body radiation; and physical constants.

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