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CDF Computational Power Enhancing Student Learning

Wayne Allen
Organization: Computational Class Notes
Madani Naidjate
Organization: Dean College & Boston Univ.

Wolfram Technology Conference 2015
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois USA

Topics covered in this talk: Current state of math based education Giving power to the student the untethered learner Providing the highest level of advanced learning to students - Any time, anywhere, any subject, any space.

Using Mathematica as the backbone we have developed modules that present real life data for students. Students work on real world scenarios within the framework of education.

We will also present a demo including actual satellite downloads from NASA/NOAA with real world data. This demo is based on surface temperature grids downloaded from satellites. Using CCNL modules, students can look at the climate and see how it is changing or not changing in real time. They can find correlations between weather patterns. They can pose questions, apply to real world scenarios, put the data through the computational software and interpret the results, formulate ideas, solutions, and recommendations. Referencing the models developed by Conrad Wolfram.

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