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Transients and Resonances in Game Theory and General Relativity

Gerald Thomas
Organization: Milwaukee School of Engineering

Wolfram Technology Conference 2015
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois USA

For some time I have been exploring behaviours in differential geometries, with potential applications to decision making (Decision Process Theory) and General Relativity. In particular note that there is a relationship between behaviours in these theories and circuits in electrical engineering. One can imagine that with a forcing source, there might be a variety of possibilities from AC steady state behaviours, transient behaviours and resonant behaviours. Resonances occur in physical media such as musical instruments, bells and bridges. In all of these cases, one can “drive” the system with an oscillating force and observe the possibility of resonance by the appearance of a super strong response to what may seem like a small driving force. What is unique about differential geometries is that they are non-linear systems and the driving “force” can also be an initial condition. We discuss these possibilities.

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