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Analysis and Solution of the Mechanical Systems with a Varying Mass in Teaching Physics

František Látal
Organization: Palacký University, Czech Republic
Department: Department of Experimental Physics

Wolfram Technology Conference 2015
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois USA

Czech aristocrat J.F.A. Buquoy was the first who investigated mechanical systems with a varying mass. In 1812, he explicitly formulated the correct dynamical equation of motion for the case when the mass of a moving object is changing. The assignment of question is the following: Consider an ideally flexible fibre lying reeled on a horizontal plane. Determine its motion when a constant vertical force is exerted on the end of the fibre. Students of Faculty of Science solve similar problems in the course of Theoretical mechanics. Nowadays, we use Software Mathematica for the solution of this theoretical problem. Software Mathematica is suitable for students and teachers of physics looking for quick and effective solution of challenging problems in the field of theoretical and experimental physics.

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