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Constructing Plane Geometry G-Field Inverse Square Law

Alexander Garron
Organization: Sand Box Geometry

Wolfram Technology Conference 2014
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois, USA

I have always been interested in utility of plane geometry curves to study mechanical energy curves of the gravity field. To do so I invented a Curved Space Division Assembly, acronym CSDA, the parametric graphing assemblage using Mathematica of two plane geometry curves that I use to explore mechanical properties of gravity field curved space. To explore mechanical properties of g-field curved space requires a plane geometry construction of Sir Isaac Newton' s Inverse Square Law of Gravity. This paper will demonstrate STEM methodology needed to do so using Computer Based Math, a first ever construction of the connecting principal joining inverse square field properties of curved space with its linear meter resultant of orbit motion in physical square space. I will use my CSDA to explore what exactly are Inverse Square properties of space using plane geometry. I will demonstrate means to apply Sir Isaac Newton' s inverse square law analyzing mechanical energy curves using a CSDA and Wolfram Alpha data on our Earth/Moon system.

*Wolfram Technology

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WTC14Inverse Square Law_Alexander.nb (1.4 MB) - Mathematica Notebook