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Using Technology to Enable Personalized Medicine

Paolo Narvaez

Wolfram Technology Conference 2014
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois, USA

As we arrive at the $1000 genome, we find that the fundamental technology problems around personalized medicine have shifted. The cost of sequencing is no longer a bottleneck. Instead, the explosive growth of big data associated with genomics is becoming the main driver for cost and complexity. As genomic datasets grows from Pedabytes to Exabytes, we require faster and more efficient genomic processing as well as more scalable databases that can efficiently manage the movement of data. We also require better analysis tools to make sense of all this information and translate it into results that are clinically relevant. Learn how Intel is working with a broad range of ecosystem partners & industry experts to develop tools and technologies that will accelerate scientific discovery and achieve the vision of personalized medicine.

*Wolfram Technology


Intel_LifeSciences_Personalized_Medicine_Wolfram 2014_Paolo Narvaez.pdf (2.3 MB) - PDF Document