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Wolfram Technology Group: Your Gateway to Expertise in Wolfram Technologies

Peter Fleck
Karl Isensee
Michael Kelly
Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.
Department: Wolfram Technology Group
Anshu Manik

Wolfram Technology Conference 2014
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois, USA

The Wolfram Technology Group provides Technical Support, expertise for Technical Services projects and Training for Wolfram Language products as well as SystemModeler. In doing so, the group facilitates two-way communication between Wolfram Research and its user base - bringing information to users about Wolfram Technologies applicable to their projects, while forwarding user feedback to appropriate teams within the company. This talk will feature a few members of the group, presenting elements of work they have done to help users overcome technical and creative hurdles.

*Wolfram|Alpha Technology

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WTGGatewayToWTExpertise_WTC2014_2.nb (2.4 MB) - Mathematica Notebook