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Bathymetry Discretization & Routing Optimization Using Mathematica

Doug Denniston

Wolfram Technology Conference 2014
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois, USA

Transient multiphase fluid dynamics presents a unique problem in domain discretization. Instead of preserving geometrical accuracy, it is more important to preserve liquid holdup distribution while maintaining elevation fidelity for hydrostatic pressure calculations. Because holdup is not known a priori, it is traditionally held that preserving angle distributions acts as a suitable proxy for holdup distribution. However, a more rigorous solution has been developed in this work.The industry leading multiphase slip models are accessible from a Fortran DLL called via .NET/Link's Define DLLFunction []. This is used to calculate steady state liquid distributions at configuration time instead of run time. This functionality is available to engineers in a deployable, user-friendly CDF application which leverages Mathematica's discrete combinatorial optimization techniques, front-end dynamic functionality, statistical functionality, and external program linking. Primary features of the application include: 1) Routing analysis: fits the continuous distribution to create a coarser angle class distribution. These angles are fed to NMinimize to reduce the error between the coarse distribution and the base data. 2) Routing analysis as a function of points: iterates the routing analysis process over an increasing number of discretization points to study holdup convergence. 3) Holdup precision analysis: translates error inherent in multiphase fluid dynamics into calculated holdup uncertainty. 4) Dynamic Interactivity: uses Mathematica's Dynamic Module and GUI Kit to produce an intuitive and powerful interface. Early results have seen an over hundredfold faster determination of accurate profile discretization. Thus, this tool presents a significant business and engineering value by facilitating faster and better design choices.

*Wolfram Technology

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Bathymetry Discretization & Routing Optimization Using Mathematica_DougDennison.nb (6.7 MB) - Mathematica Notebook