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Image processing App in Mathematica: Measuring Complex Shaped Metal Nanoparticles in Noisy Micrographs

Filip Novotný
Organization: CTU in Prague
Department: Researcher, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering

Wolfram Technology Conference 2014
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois, USA

Plasmonic noble metal nanoparticles (MNPs) retains a special place in today’s nanotechnology efforts. Their complex shapes gives them unique anisotropic optical and physico-chemical properties. Moreover, the possibility to synthesize MNPs in high yield as colloidal solution makes them cost-effective nanomaterial. The number of prospective applications for colloidal MNPs is still growing - from novel immunolabelling for both optical and electron microscopy, model nanoparticle for emerging field of theranostics, to novel substrates for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy. As the new technology employing MNPs emerges, the need for fast and versatile methods of their quantitative characterization significantly increases. In this talk, an image processing App in Mathematica will be presented which was designed primarily (but not only) for electron microscope micrographs processing and analysis of particle shapes and size. The application combines the Mathematica built-in advanced image processing algorithms together with its outstanding dynamic functionality to create a fluid user interface with improved workflow of the image analysis process. The application is in the form of GUI notebook, which is user-friendly and does not need from the user any knowledge of Wolfram Language. The values within GUI notebook are self-contained, therefore one can save the whole notebook together with measured data, and continue the analysis after reopening. Such Mathematica notebook could be viewed as a practical application of quine, a self-contained one file application, which exploit the outstanding Mathematica algorithm library and symbolic computation. This work was supported by the Czech Science Foundation Project P205/13/20110S.

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Track: Visualization, Image Processing