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Gaussian Hypergeometric Functions in the Uzawa-Lucas Growth Model

Henryk Zawadzki
Organization: University of Economics, Katowice, Poland

Wolfram Technology Conference 2012
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois, USA

Hypergeometric functions (HFs) are usually defined as the solutions of some differential equations and have both, series and integral representations. Recently, one of the promising areas of applications of HFs seems to be economic dynamics. The reason is that some growth models have a closed form solutions in terms of HFs. The solutions, as well as HFs alone, have usually very complex form and in the analysis of their properties computer algebra systems are very helpful. The paper contains some information on so called Gaussian HFs. It also presents an example of application of Gaussian HFs in the Uzawa-Lucas growth model and some capabilities of 'Mathematica' in an analysis of optimal solutions of this model.

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