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Wolfram Community: The Story So Far

Vitaliy Kaurov
Organization: Wolfram
Dan Newman
Organization: Wolfram

Wolfram Technology Conference 2013
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois, USA

A year ago, at the last Wolfram Technology Conference, we launched Wolfram Community as a private beta project. Just a few months ago, before this year's conference, we opened the project to the general public. In this talk we will tell you what we have seen so far about the Community's development. We will ponder some statistics, recall a few interesting stories, and share our plans and hopes for the future. Wolfram Community unites users of all Wolfram technologies to discuss, share, and learn together. So don't be a stranger: come to the talk, and we would love to answer your questions and take your feedback.

*Wolfram Technology

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WTC2013WolframCommunityTalk-updated.nb (7.6 MB) - Mathematica Notebook
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