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Integrating Mathematica with Twitter: A World of Possibilities

George Danner
Organization: nGenera Corporation

Wolfram Technology Conference 2013
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois, USA

We all know that social networks like Twitter have changed the nature of human interaction. But what if models and logic were positioned as peers on a social network? What possibilities does the presence of computation on a social network bring to the richness of those interactions among humans? We see lots of possibilities here, and Mathematica is perfectly suited as a platform for social network interaction.

We have undergone a months-long development process to get Mathematica "talking" (tweeting) on Twitter. We learned a great deal about the technical challenges of making it happen will share our findings and code.

We will present a few toy examples using our integration project as a means to paint a picture of the kinds of useful things that could be done in this space.

*Wolfram Technology

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