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24 Years of Teaching & Research with Mathematica

K.D. Stroyan

Wolfram Technology Conference 2013
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois, USA

I started using Mathematica in my classes in 1989 because I believed then that this tool can help produce much better-trained scientists and engineers. Almost every class that I taught in the last 24 years had some Mathematica - most had a lot! My various calculus classes have impacted around 6000 students (currently 500/yr). I will describe several of the most successful educational uses of Mathematica and describe some exciting future plans for multivariable calculus.

A few years ago Mark Nawrot (North Dakota State University) and I settled an important open problem in visual perception of depth from motion. Mathematica played an important role in the discovery of the necessary extra-retinal signal and has been very helpful in explaining the mathematics to vision scientists. One of our follow-up papers on the integration time of the two brain signals contains the first .cdf to appear in a scientific journal. I will describe on-going work and show some animations of retinal flow.

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