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The Assessment of Skin Viscoelastic Data Related to Post-Burn Scarring: Mathematica in Biomedical Research II

Stanislav Hledik
Organization: Silesian University in Opava
Department: Institute of Physics

Wolfram Technology Conference 2013
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois, USA

The healing of deep dermal or full thickness burns frequently develops into widespread and mutilating scars, giving rise the risk of subsequent scar hypertrophy. The assessment of postburn scarring and scar therapy response based on scales routinely used in clinical evaluation (VSS, POSAS, VAS, MSS) is inherently subjective and prone to bias. A non-invasive suction method based on the measurement of scar viscoelastic properties termed cutometry has been found reliable for scar assessment. Its principle is mechanical response of the skin exposed to an underpressure of precisely defined time dependence. The response is affected by viscoelestic properties of the skin which can be drawn from the measured strain-vs-stress curves, and customarily expressed in terms of viscoelastic parameters like gross-elasticity, net-elasticity, biological elasticity and several others. The dedicated software supplied together with the device however omits the abundance of inform ation contained in the strain-vs-stress curves. At this point we utilized the capabilities of Mathematica to make up the methods by more advanced ones that are well fitted to reveal subtleties buried in the curves. Further method refinement is currently under development and will be presented in full version provided the contribution is accepted.

*Wolfram Technology

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