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Improving Laser Doppler-Aided Diagnostics of Burn Injuries: Mathematica in Biomedical Research I

Stanislav Hledik
Organization: Silesian University in Opava
Department: Institute of Physics

Wolfram Technology Conference 2013
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois, USA

This contribution delineates the Perfusion Image Progression and Prognosis Assessment (PIPPA) project aimed at improving the early-posttraumatic-day laser Doppler diagnostics of burn injuries. While the standard methods used so far allow the assessment of blood perfusion statistics globally related to a selected region of interest, PIPPA allows (besides creation of the perfusion maps) also calculation and display of difference maps, i.e. maps that show the result of subtraction of two successive perfusion maps. The task of obtaining subtraction under clinical conditions presents a challenge since the two perfusion scans separated by a time span of several days usually differ more than the algorithms for image registration can cope with. At this point the Mathematica's extensive interactive and image processing capabilities gain ground in the form of Digital Subtraction Perfusion Topography Analysis (DSPTA) method.

*Wolfram Technology

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