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Exploiting the Power of Windows inside a Mathematica Application

David Bailey

Wolfram Technology Conference 2011
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois, USA

Normal Windows applications open directly from the desktop and make Windows recognize their data files as belonging to them. For example, .doc files belong to a word processor application and .nb files belong to Mathematica. Files of the appropriate type also have their own icons inside Explorer. This feature of Windows is tremendously powerful, both because it offers easy access to data and because data can be usefully embedded in other software—such as XMIND or in HTML. Applications that behave like other Windows software are also much more acceptable to users unfamiliar with Mathematica. This talk will describe how to create an application that responds in the same way, without writing part of that application in another language, and will be based on my Super Widget Package, which is available free from my website. It will be illustrated using Hans-Gerlach Woudboer's Rapid Business Modeling software.

*Wolfram Technology

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ExploitingThePowerOfWindowsInsideMathematica.nb (115.1 KB) - Mathematica Notebook
ExploitingThePowerOfWindowsInsideMathematica.nb (115.1 KB) - Mathematica Notebook