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Various Properties of ImportString[#,"TeX"]&

David Vasholz
Organization: Johns Hopkins University
Department: Applied Physics Laboratory

Wolfram Technology Conference 2011
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois, USA

If the function ImportString[#,"TeX"]& worked perfectly, it would be powerful indeed; untold thousands of technical papers that appear in the world's scientific journals and elsewhere also exist as strings of common typographical symbols written in the LaTeX typesetting language. If these strings could all be readily translated into Mathematica notebooks, one would be in a much stronger position to exploit the power of Mathematica to probe on a large scale the intellectual content of the papers themselves. As of June 2011, ImportString[#,"TeX"]& falls short of this ideal, but it nonetheless appears to be an excellent starting point. It is the purpose of this work to evaluate the present performance of ImportString[#,"TeX"]& by applying it to various examples, by pointing out areas of difficulty, and by suggesting possible avenues of improvement.

*Wolfram Technology

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