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Pedagogical Physics Simulations

Brent Perreault
Organization: Concordia College

Wolfram Technology Conference 2011
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois, USA

The Wolfram Demonstrations Project has changed the way people demonstrate mathematical concepts. Now, with the ability to embed CDF documents in web pages, it is possible to bring the demonstrative power of Mathematica to specific websites that focus on a particular subject area. This summer I began creating Wolfram Demonstrations of elementary physics simulations aimed to act as teaching aids for intro-level physics courses. By embedding these simulations in a focused and organized web page, I plan to create a group of fine-tuned teaching aids that can be used to demonstrate specific physical concepts, from force vectors to wave mechanics. Various Demonstrations that I have completed include simulations of collisions, a block on an inclined plane, buoyant force, and orbiting projectiles.

Attendees would benefit from my presentation by seeing an example of how Mathematica can be used as an education aid, and how those aids can now be published in CDF-embedded web pages.

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PedagogicalPhysicsSimulations.cdf (139.3 KB) - CDF Document
PedagogicalPhysicsSimulations.nb (138.6 KB) - Mathematica Notebook