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Social Complexity and Global Academic Systems

Henry Lee Allen
Organization: Wheaton College
Department: Professor of Sociology
Department of Sociology and Anthropology

International Mathematica User Conference 2009
Conference location

Champaign, Illinois, USA

This session will discuss how Mathematica 7 can dissect inconspicuous social and organizational changes among flagship research universities in 10 selected states from 1980-2010. Preliminary scientific observations seem to indicate that the global decline of the United States is a predictable function of the gradual, relative decline of its own system of public higher education. This system consists of the social interactions connecting individuals, groups, social networks, organizations, institutions, and all other collectivities that generate a society's most advanced expertise, especially in mathematics and other scientific fields. It will certify, legitimate, and supply leaders and employees for economic, political, media, criminal justice, educational, and scientific systems within the division of labor in society. Generating theoretical knowledge about U.S. public higher education is basic science, a new kind of sociology that is fueled by a plethora of mathematical and computational models. Social complexity is implicit in the mathematical properties and computational models that have yet to be discovered within these domains. A new kind of science of global academic systems is emerging as the twenty-first century ensues. Academic institutions may be conceptualized as cellular automata.

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