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Guns, God, and Games: Mathematica 6 in the College Classroom

Bruce Torrence
Organization: Randolph-Macon College
Department: Department of Mathematics

International Mathematica User Conference 2008
Conference location

Champaign, IL

Dynamic interactivity has been a game changer for Mathematica in the classroom. I've been teaching with it since the spring term of 2007, when I taught an honors class using a prerelease version of the software. That class, titled "Mathematica!" was a general interest, liberal arts mathematics course in which Mathematica was used to explore a host of topics, and students produced demonstrations for their final projects. I've also utilized Mathematica 6 in a team-taught, year-long freshman seminar with a biologist, titled "The Human Genome," as well as in more traditional courses in mathematical modeling and multivariable calculus. In this talk I'll discuss these teaching experiences, providing tips and many specific examples of especially successful projects and strategies.

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