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Share Your Mathematica

André Mitra
Organization: Geometria Research and Design, Inc.

2007 Wolfram Technology Conference
Conference location

Champaign, IL


This talk will introduce a social networking web application called calcbase that allows you to share your Mathematica. calcbase allows Mathematica users to share their ideas and content with each other across the internet.

A subscriber to calcbase receives an internet account that includes a personal space and access to a database of Mathematica-related content. Subscribers can post content to calcbase either directly from Mathematica or from a web browser. This content may include Mathematica calculations and demonstrations that can often be computed in real time using the built-in portal to webMathematica. Users who post to calcbase must include a description, a category, and a set of keywords with their content. calcbase users may browse by category or search by keyword and collect interesting content in their personal space. This space is highly personalizable and topics can be created that are a mix of content from different categories and subscribers. calcbase includes a group facility that gives subscribers fine control over who can view their ideas and content.

In this talk, you will learn how to gain access to a database of Mathematica-related content that is continually being posted by other Mathematica users. You will learn how to post your own content to this database and how to create and organize a personal space of topics from this database. You will learn how to post Mathematica calculations and demonstrations that can be customized and re-computed by other users. You will learn how to create public groups such as user groups and private groups such as classrooms. You will learn how to share your Mathematica.

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