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Analysis of Patent Citation Networks with Mathematica

Bernard Gress
Organization: Fannie Mae

International Patent Information Conference & Exposition (IPI-ConfEx) 2007
Conference location

Sorrento, Italy

Patent citations are part of the legal patent process where the patent applicant has the duty to disclose any knowledge of 'prior art' amongst previous patents. Some objectivity in the process is provided by the government patent examiner who is supposed to be an expert in the area and who approves the final citation. The network established by patent citations allows one to trace the flow of technology through time, from patent to patent, and across fields. Studies of technological spillover effects, the impact or influence of individual patents, the rates of technological development, and other such issues, can be assisted by the consideration of patent citations. This article creates functions for extracting and plotting patent citation networks from two publicly available databases, as well as functions for the analysis of these networks' curvature.

*Business and Economics

patent citation networks


Patent Citation Networks.E.ppt (1.9 MB) - Microsoft Powerpoint document