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A New Graphical User Interface for Rayica/Wavica

Ann Williamson
Organization: Optica Software, a division of i-Cyt Mission Technology
URL: http://www.opticasoftware.com
Donald Barnhart
Organization: Optica Software, a division of i-Cyt Mission Technology
URL: https://www.opticasoft.com/

2006 Wolfram Technology Conference
Conference location

Champaign IL

Rayica is a Mathematica application package that performs geometric, nonsequential, and polarization raytrace calculations of optical systems in three-dimensional space. Wavica builds on the functionality of Rayica and Mathematica to calculate wavefront interference and diffraction, Gaussian beam propagation, ABCD matrix models, and analytic representations of optical systems. In this presentation we will present some new and exciting developments. This includes an extensive, newly developed graphical user interface. The key features of the GUI include pulldown menus for defining optical components, tables for keeping track of optical systems, easy import and export of user-defined optical systems to and from Mathematica notebooks, real-time optics with slider manipulation of symbolic variables, and new kinds of optimizations. The GUI greatly improves ease of use and shortens the learning curve. The optimizations and real-time graphics make optical designing a much faster process. It is also easy to mix notebook-defined systems with menu defined systems. In this talk, we will present an overview of our new GUI and share our experiences in using GUIKit for its development. In addition, we will show some examples of interactive graphics in Mathematica 6. Authors: Donald Barnhart, Founder and Chief Architect, Optica Software; Ann Williamson, Software Developer, Optica Software. Optica Software is a dvision of ICYT Mission Technologies. URL: http://www.opticasoftware.com Conference: 2006 Wolfram Technology Conference, Conference Location: Champaign, IL

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Rayica, ray tracing, optics, GUI, optical modelling, GUIKit, real-time graphics, Wavica, Optica
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