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Mathematica Projects by High School Students

Ryan Chuang
Samantha Patterson
Jenny Tan
Jeffrey Tsao

2006 Wolfram Technology Conference
Conference location

Champaign, IL

We are high school students from San Diego, California. Last year our teacher, Abby Brown, introduced us to Mathematica and we used it in class and for some of our own projects. This year we are part of a special new advanced math class at Torrey Pines High School working in partnership with Wolfram Research. In this class we are learning more about Mathematica and are using it to do math activities, interdisciplinary projects, and community service. In this presentation we will share some of the work that we and our classmates have done.

Ryan Chuang is a senior and plans on studying biomedical engineering in college. He is interested in learning more about how Mathematica is applied in the various sciences and how to utilize it in everyday settings. In particular, Ryan wants to work on projects to help illustrate and understand the behavior of circuits.

Samantha Patterson is a senior who wants to study mathematics and learn how interactive tools like Mathematica can help learners with special needs. She also finds it interesting that math can be used to help solve crimes. Samantha would also like to become more familiar with what it means to do research in the field of mathematics.

Jenny Tan is a senior whose interests range from math and science to literature and music. Jenny enjoys using Mathematica to illustrate ideas she has learned in her classes throughout high school. In particular Jenny wants to learn more about the connections between mathematics and music, and she plans to use Mathematica to bring these concepts together.

Jeffrey Tsao is a junior and enjoys finding connections among mathematical concepts and applications in other fields. He likes the challenge of programming in Mathematica and wants to learn more about how to do it well. Jeff has a keen interest in acoustics and wants to use Mathematica to model sounds through different shapes.

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