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GeometricalGeodesy: A Package for High-Accuracy Position Computations

Thomas H. Meyer Ph.D.
Organization: University of Connecticut
Department: Natural Resources Management and Engineering

2006 Wolfram Technology Conference
Conference location

Champaign IL

Geodesy is a science whose focus is the determination of high-accuracy spatial coordinates, primarily latitude, longitude, and height. Geodesy is used, for example, in geophysics to document the motion of tectonic plates and in surveying and mapping at the spatial framework in which all mapping and navigation occurs. GeometricalGeodesy is a new Mathematica package that performs the core of the geometrical geodesy computations. The package is aimed at mapping professionals in the fields of surveying, both plane and geodetic, photogrammetry, geographic information systems, navigation, and cartography. This talk will introduce the package by presenting an overview of geodesy including units of measure for distances and angles, geodetic reference ellipsoids and geodetic datums, coordinate systems, and the basic computations of geometrical geodesy. The concepts will be illustrated by examples from the package.

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GeometricalGeodesy, geometry, spatial geometry, latitude, longtitude

MeyerTechConferenceGeometricalGeodesy.ppt (4.4 MB) - Microsoft Powerpoint document