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The Installation of a Finding-Errors Online Exercise of Algebraic Rational Calculation

J. Yasuda
Takayoshi Yoshioka
Organization: Toyota National College of Technology
Hitoshi Nishizawa
Organization: Toyota National College of Technology

2004 International Mathematica Symposium
Conference location

Banff, Canada

In this paper, we describe the installation of an online Finding-Errors exercise system for algebraic rational expressions for High School students. In the exercise, students do not calculate by themselves. Instead, they are requested to find miscalculations in a series of calculating steps, and to find a possible reason of the errors. This exercise is designed to help those students who do not understand the mechanisms of symbolic calculations. The students are forced to recognize the importance of rewriting rules in symbolic calculations, and start to learn the calculating method for using rewriting rules. We use webMathematica to display the rational expressions in two dimensional form, and Mathematica to judge the appropriateness of the students evaluation, i.e. the locations of the miscalculations and the reasons for the errors.

*Education > Precollege
*Mathematics > Algebra
*Wolfram Technology > Programming > Symbolic Computation
*Wolfram Technology > Special Versions > webMathematica

finding errors, symbolic calculations, webMathematica, algebraic rational expressions
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