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MathGridLink Connecting Mathematica to "the Grid"

Tetsuo Ida
Organization: University of Tsukuba
Department: Institute of Information Sciences and Electronics
Dorin Tepeneu
Organization: University of Tsukuba

2004 International Mathematica Symposium
Conference location

Banff, Canada

Grid technology has emerged as a new viable solution in e-science and distributed computing. Using Grid Computing, we can link together heterogeneous systems and use them efficiently to fulfill our computational goal. Although Mathematica is a widely used programming language for scientific computing, it lacks support for integrating Grid services within its framework. In this paper we introduce MathGridLink, a new software component, currently under development by us, which links together these two technologies: Grid and Mathematica. Unlike the commercial product gridMathematica, which enables only parallel distribution of Mathematica tasks among different kernels in a distributed environment, MathGridLink provides support for full communication between any Grid service and Mathematica. Using MathGridLink, it is not only possible to access any Grid service from Mathematica, but also to write and deploy new Grid services from Mathematica. We believe that such an extension to Mathematica's capabilities opens new ways for developing distributed computing systems.

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distributed computing, MathGridLink, parallel computing, grid service
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