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Teaching Discrete Fourier Transforms through a Video-On-Demand System

Yoshihiko Tazawa
Organization: Tokyo Denki University
Department: Natural Sciences

2004 International Mathematica Symposium
Conference location

Banff, Canada

At the previous IMS 2003, I gave a presentation entitled "Experimental System of Mathematics Education based on Mathematica" [Tazawa 2003] in which I introduced how we utilize Mathematica in our mathematics classes. We use a combination of printed textbooks based on Mathematica, CD-ROMs of Mathematica notebooks, video files, exercises delivered through the network, and as the main part Mathematica notebooks on several topics, such as cryptography, simulation of oscillations, eigenvectors and eigenvalues in animation. In this paper I will report how we facilitate a video-on-demand system based on Mathematica. The video files will be presented in the talk through another application, whereas this article consists mainly of the notebooks that are used for teaching Discrete Fourier Transforms, by showing students graphical representations and animations to help them understand the notions of Fourier series (Section 2), Fourier transform (Section 3), and discrete Fourier transform (Section 4).

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*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis

discrete Fourier transform, video-on-demand, animations
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