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New approachs to stereoscopic visualization

Ingo Relke
Organization: Opticality
URL: http://www.opticalitycorporation.com/

2004 International Mathematica Symposium
Conference location

Banff, Canada

In this paper we demonstrate a new approach for calculating stereoscopic images with help of Mathematica. This approach is especially efficient and allows quick calculation of multi-channel stereo-images. Different approaches and algorithms are discussed too. Moreover, this approach allows usage of any form of the distribution structure of 2D-images in one stereo-image. We also present a Mathematica program which permits dynamical investigation of the stereo-image visualization. In particular, we present perspective visualization, dependendent of the position of the observer with respect to the surface of the 3D display.

*Applied Mathematics > Visualization

stereoscopic visualization, stereoscopic images, multi-channel stereo-images
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