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Bruno Autin
Organization: MathSoft Overseas

2005 Wolfram Technology Conference
Conference location

Champaign IL

In Mathematica, geometry is not treated on the same footing as other branches of mathematics such as algebra or analysis. Besides the Graphics or Graphics3D built-in functions, it is scattered in several packages: DiscreteMath`ComputationalGeometry`, Geometry`, Graphics`, or NumericalMath`SplineFit`. Moreover, some basic concepts are missing: representation of objects that extend to infinity, Cartesian curves in 2D and Cartesian surfaces in 3D as boundaries of space, embedding 2D objects into 3D space, or massive production of diagrams using listable functions.

*Wolfram Technology > Application Packages > Applications from Independent Developers > Geometrica
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Geometry and Reality in Geometrica05.nb (1018.5 KB) - Mathematica Notebook