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Interactive Transformations of Expressions

Bernhard Zgraggen
Organization: Distance University of Applied Sciences of Switzerland

2005 Wolfram Technology Conference
Conference location

Champaign IL

Interactive rule-based transformations of mathematical expressions with webMathematica play a central role in an educational project of the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences entitled webActiveSolutions. In this project interactive educational applications are programmed on the basis of a Java-interface to Mathematica allowing users to solve certain mathematical computations step-by-step with interactive hints and electronic assistance. Users of these applications may browse forward and backward through several computations, propose solutions between the single steps, administrate and work on several computations in parallel, and continue working on any computation. The core parts of the project are Java classes and Java server pages combined with specific Mathematica programs. Java server pages and webMathematica are widely used to deploy the results to the World Wide Web. Up to now there are four different mathematical applications in the project: assisting users when transforming Boolean expressions, computing limits or partial derivatives of functions, and solving linear systems of equations. Showcases can be found on the web: www.webmath.ch/websolutions_active_abstract.html. The presentation demonstrates some of the applications and explains the main components of the underlying Mathematica code.

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