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Mathematica Link for Excel 3.0: A Host of Enhancements, a World of New Possibilities

Anton Rowe
Organization: Episoft, Inc.

2004 Wolfram Technology Conference
Conference location

Champaign IL

Several years in the making, the highly anticipated Mathematica Link for Excel 3.0 introduces full two-way programmatic connectivity between Mathematica and Microsoft Excel. Using the new link, Mathematica can programmatically read and write to Excel workbooks, even those that are currently open in Excel. Using the link, Mathematica can also automate Excel to do common tasks such as refreshing data from web data sources or live data feeds.

Favorite features, such as the Mathematica function wizard and Mathematica code sheets, have been enhanced or modified to be even easier to use. Leveraging improvements in MathLink, the new link also achieves speeds up to 15 times faster than the existing link, allowing for billions of continuous computations to be performed in an hour.

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