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Digital Image Processing Version 2.0--What's New? A Short Tour of New Features and Major Enhancements

Mariusz Jankowski
Organization: University of Southern Maine
Department: Electrical Engineering

2004 Wolfram Technology Conference
Conference location

Champaign IL

The forthcoming Version 2.0 of the Digital Image Processing application package will feature a substantial number of new functions and important enhancements to many existing functions, both in speed and capabilities, while retaining ease of use and compatibility with the latest versions of Mathematica. This talk will present several of these new capabilities and enhancements.

Key new features

Image segmentation—watershed transform, distance transform, region labeling, Canny and Shen-Castan edge detectors, new threshold operators and derivative filters.

Image restoration—several of the best-known image restoration algorithms including inverse, minimum mean-square error (Wiener), constrained least squares, geometric mean and Lucy-Richardson.

Power spectrum—several nonparametric methods for computing the power spectrum of an n-dimensional array including classic periodogram, averaging periodogram (Welch), modified averaging periodogram (Bartlett), and smoothing periodogram (Blackman and Tukey).

Connectivity—translator for Java's BufferedImage class and Sun's Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) library.

*Applied Mathematics > Visualization
*Wolfram Technology > Application Packages > Wolfram Research Applications > Digital Image Processing

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TechConf2004_Jankowski.nb (13.6 MB) - Presentation notebook
mariuszjankowski.nb (366.8 KB) - Abstract of talk