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MathModelica--An Extensible Modeling and Simulation Environment for Mathematica

Peter Fritzson
Organization: MathCore Engineering AB

2004 Wolfram Technology Conference
Conference location

Champaign IL

MathModelica is an integrated problem-solving environment (PSE) for full system modeling and simulation. The environment integrates Modelica-based modeling and simulation with graphic design, advanced scripting facilities, integration of code and documentation, and symbolic formula manipulation provided via Mathematica. Due to its power and ease of use, it permits the creation of "virtual prototypes," computer simulations that behave like a real physical object or system.

MathModelica integrates and extends software such as the technical computing system Mathematica from Wolfram Research, the diagram and visualization tool Visio from Microsoft, and the Dymola simulation kernel from Dynasim. This means that the MathModelica environment consists of well-developed and reliable software. In MathModelica models can be developed, documented, and analyzed in notebooks.

The software presentation will illustrate how MathModelica can be used develop and analyze physical simulation models both in a graphical environment and a textual one. Furthermore, it will show how the developed simulation models can be integrated into Mathematica notebooks. By integrating the powerful Modelica modeling and simulation technology with Mathematica, advanced modeling and simulation capabilities are merged seamlessly with a technical computing system complete with built-in functions for pre- and post-processing as well as advanced scripting capabilities. Finally, a few visualization examples will be shown.

The presentation has several goals:
  • Be easily accessible for people who do not previously have a background in modeling and simulation.
  • Introduce the concepts of physical modeling, object-oriented modeling, and component-based modeling, and simulation in the context of MathModelica and Mathematica
  • Provide a not-too-formal reference on the Modelica language
  • Demonstrate modeling and simulation examples from a wide range of application areas

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