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Presenting Math on the Web: The Present and Future of MathWorld

Eric W. Weisstein
Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.
Department: Research and Development

2004 MIT Applied Mathematics Colloquium
Conference location

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston

From its humble beginning as one of the first mathematics sites to appear on the internet, the site now known as mathworld.wolfram.com has come to be one of the world's most extensive and widely read sites for mathematics. The site features more than 11,000 individual entries, and contains thousands of diagrams and tens of thousands of equations. This site is extensively used by students, researchers, and practitioners of mathematics, and is still largely written and maintained by its original creator Eric Weisstein under the sponsorship of Wolfram Research, Inc., makers of the popular and full-featured mathematics package Mathematica.

In this talk, Dr. Weisstein will briefly discuss the history of the site, as well as highlight a number of its unique features. Work currently underway to add new features and new functionality to the site will be discussed, and an open invitation for collaboration and contribution will be extended to all interested parties.

*Information Science and Technology > Internet

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