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Creation of multi-channel stereo-images by Mathematica

Ingo Relke
Organization: Opticality
URL: http://www.opticalitycorporation.com/

2003 International Mathematica Symposium
Conference location

Imperial College, London

The problem of creation of a stereo-image for a 3D display from a set of the 2D images is especially important. Using Mathematica’s ability we are able to test the different models of 2D image distribution for the evaluation of one stereo-image. For example, we show that the color stereo-image on our 3D display may be obtained also from a special set of a 2D gray-scaled images. The different types of 2D image encoding, corresponding to a definite number of the presented perspectives are studied. General relations, written in Mathematica’s notation, allows us to evaluate combined stereo-image from any set of 2D images. Thus, Mathematica’s power helps to create new multi-channel systems and improvments in well-known ones. The last our results allows us to present images with a large number of perspectives for very good volumetric perception.

*Applied Mathematics > Visualization

multi-channel stereo-images, 3D, 2D, gray-scale, volumetric perception
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