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Constructing Branches of Solutions of Nonlinear PDE's

Jay H. Wolkowisky
Organization: University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
Department: Mathematics Department

2003 International Mathematica Symposium
Conference location

Imperial College, London

This paper uses a linear partial differential equation (PDE) solver to construct the bifurcating branches of solutions of nonlinear PDE's. This linear PDE solver (developed by the author in a previous paper) uses the Mutigrid algorithm. This algorithm is written in C and the Mathematica protocal Mathlink is used to call the C program from Mathematica. This combination is very powerful since we can utilize the speed of C together with the symbolic and graphical capabilities of Mathematica.

*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis > Differential Equations

linear partial differential equation solver, bifurcating branches, nonlinear PDEs, mutigrid algorithm, Mathlink
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