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Visualization for Math-Education using Mathematica

Hyang Sook Kim
Organization: Inje University
Department: School of Computer Aided Science and Mathematica Technical and Training Center
Young Mi Kim
Organization: Inje University
Department: School of Computer Aided Science

2003 International Mathematica Symposium
Conference location

Imperial College, London

In this paper, we give examples of models we have created for use in university mathematics courses. We visualize the area of the unit circle, estimate the area of a figure by probabilistic simulation and consider the relation between sound and trigonometry. We give interesting, visual, meaningful and effective models for teaching the above subjects, which are obtained by the powerful functions of Mathematica such as animation of graphics, variety of visualization and speed of computation. This paper illustrates how one can use Mathematica to visualize abstract mathematical concepts, thus enabling studentsí effective understanding in the mathematics classroom. Development of these kinds of teaching and learning models can stimulate the studentsí curiosity about Mathematics and increase their interest.

*Education > College

visualization, area, probabilistic simulation
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